Provincial Elections

Links to the voting will be at the bottom of this page
Eligible voter must be in high school and have attended one NSSSA event. Please only vote once on the President and VP, and only once for your regional ccccco-pre form. Please do not vote for a region you do not reside in. If you have any questions, email

Below are the bios and bullets for the candidates Of the upcoming provincial cabinet. Voting will open June 15th so be sure to read carefully and be ready to vote for who you think would do an amazing job running the organization!

Presidential Candidate

Noor Mohrez-

What’s up NSSSA!? My name is Noor Mohrez, and I would be HONOURED to be your president! I’m in Grade 12 at Guysborough Academy in the Strait Region, and I’ve attended FIFTEEN NSSSA conferences. I’ve held positions within NSSSA from PR, to Welcoming Co-Chair, to Strait Co-Premier this year! My goal as president involves using the last year as a learning experience, and taking coming out of the pandemic as a stepping stone so we can bring Ntrip back STRONGER than ever. With my extensive knowledge of the organization, I will work to innovate throughout my term. Thank you Ntrip!

  • Using the transition out of the Covid 19 pandemic to bring back NSSSA stronger than ever.
  • Giving all regions room to innovate within their conferences, and bring forth new ideas to make things familiar but also new in many ways!
  • Promote fundraising throughout the entire organization so more people can experience NSSSA no matter the financial situation they may have.
  • Using my experience to strive to Help Co-Premiers, Co-Chairs and their cabinets produce conferences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Vise President Internal

Audrey Yang-

Hey NSSSA!! My name is Audrey Yang and I’m super excited to be running for Vice President Internal! Next year, I will be heading into my grade 12 year at Dr. J. in Antigonish. I have loved everything about the NSSSA ever since my first conference and have always been looking for more reasons to get involved! I have served on the Strait Regional Cabinet as secretary and a 3tion, and on the Provincial Cabinet as secretary which has provided me with the experience and passion for this organization to try to make this coming year a huge success!

  • Help get NSSSA back on track after pandemic
  • Community involvement etc etc
  • More communication between regions (having regions check out other regions’ conferences)
  • More ntrip related events between conferences (like those webinars and the anti grinch games)

Vise President External

Mairinn Kennedy-

Hey NSSSA!! My name is Mairinn Kennedy, and I’m running for Vice President External. I’m a grade 11 student at Dr. JHG in the Strait Region. I have been involved with the NSSSA since my grade 9 year. Over the years I’ve been a Delegate, Skillbuilder, RC and IC 3-Tion, and an RC and CC PR. I love NTrip with all my heart and want to be able to give back as much as possible. If elected I plan to make in person conferences more inclusive and accessible while still maintaining the same NSSSA energy we all know and love.

  • Make regular conferences more inclusive while still keeping the same NSSSA energy
  • Further build our relationship with schools in the Valley and Sou’ west, to try and get more delegates from there
  • Find more ways for us to give back to the communities that support us every year.
  • Make schools fun businesses more aware of the NSSSA
  • Fundraise a lot more, and look for new ways to do so, especially to create more opportunities for students to come to conference who may not have the means to pay for registration.

CBV Premier

Sasha Young-

Hello, NSSSA! I am Sasha Young (she/her) and I am running for CB-V Co-premier for the 2021-2022 year. I go to Riverview High School and am currently a grade 11 student. I have attended six conferences since grade nine, and have fallen in love with this organization since. I’m running because I want all CB-V residents to truly see and feel what I did when I attended my first conference. In the 2020-2021 year, I was a wendy, which was an eye opening experience! I hope to see you all soon, and wish you all the best- Sasha Young

  • Diversify cabinet (different schools, points-of-view, gender identity, race, etc)
  • Make CB-V conferences more accessible for disabled students
  • Make NSSSA a safe space for all
  • Bring more WENDY energy to all of cabinet
  • Have a fresher cabinet (more conference newbies)
  • Expand on what we’re already building on
  • Possibly a junior conference

Strait Co-Premier

Hilus Keay –

Hey there NSSSA Strait region! My name is Hilus Keay and I want to be your 2021-2022 Strait Co-Premier!!! I’m heading into my grade twelve year at Dr. J in Antigonish. Through my Ntrip career I’ve served as a Public Relations Head and Head School Representative on RC. I’m also the Media Relations Head of our Provincial Cabinet. Ever since BOP ‘19, (My first conference) I fell in love with everything about the NSSSA. Covid has been hard on us all, and I want to work hard to ensure that this organization rises out of this pandemic, stronger than ever!

  • Improve Community Awareness of, and Involvement with the NSSSA
  • Create Program Introducing the NSSSA to Grade Eights in June
  • Plan and hold innovative and exciting Fundraisers (Even if online)
  • Offer Conference Activities to the Entire Ntrip Community (Keynote Speakers, Talent Shows, etc)
  • Utilize the lessons taught by Covid-19 and expand the horizons of our region
Fiona Polson –

Hi Ntrip!! My name is Fiona and I’m in grade 11 at Dr.J. I have been involved in the NSSSA since grade nine and have grown to love the organization! Throughout my Ntrip career I’ve attended 11 conferences in many different capacities including, delegate, skill builder, welcoming co chair on RC last year, HSR on RC this past year and skill building co on CC. Holding all of these positions and being a part of the NSSSA for so long has given me the experience and the confidence to be your next co-pre! Vote Fi for co-pre. WHOS HOUSE?

  • More inclusion throughout the strait region
  • Financial aid (holding more fundraisers to raise money in order to support more kids getting to conference)
  • Increased participation in our conferences (more promotion throughout schools)
Taylor Throop-Robinson –

Hey NSSSA! My name is Taylor Throop-Robinson and I’m running for Strait Co-Premier. I’m in grade 11 at Dr John Hugh Gillis in Antigonish. I’ve been involved since my first conference in grade 9, I’ve been to TEN conferences so far! Last year, I was on Strait’s regional cabinet as a WENDY where I got the privilege to help put on 2 amazing conferences. NSSSA has given me so much and I’d love the chance to share my happiness with all of you. My goal is to make EVERY single delegate feel included and create positive change within the organization!

  • I will make sure delegates will have a chance to tell the regional cabinet what they would like to see change, see happen or stay the same during conferences
  • I will increase delegate attendance at conferences for you to be able to meet as many new friends as possible.
  • I will make sure to reach out across the province for even more donations so conference can be even more accommodating for you.
  • I will maintain the welcoming environment and the meaning of NSSSA throughout my time as Co-pre and incorporate your ideas to ensure your time at conference is amazing.
  • Since the recent distribution of vaccines, hopefully next year’s conferences will be in person. I want to make sure the transition back into in person conferences is smooth and not too overwhelming.
Jack Kuzyk –

NSSSA how do you feel?! Because let me tell you, I feel soooo good to tell you that I, Jack Kuzyk, am running for Strait Regional Co-Premier for the 2021-2022 year. I am currently a grade 11 student at DRJHG Regional Highschool. My NSSSA obsession really started with my first conference in grade 9, B.O.P 2018. I have been to 12 conferences throughout my career, skillbuilt at many and I’ve held positions on both RC and CC for the past two years. My goal is to have the Strait Region’s flame burn brighter than ever. WHOSE HOUSE?!

  • Hopefully host both grade 9 and regional conferences in person
  • If not, host a strong online conference for each
  • Give the Strait region’s numbers a massive boost, because COVID hit us hard
  • Give a the Strait region a conference that reminds them of how NSSSA is supposed to feel, before we ended up in front of our computer screens
  • Ensure delegates have as many ways as possible to get involved, potentially host a third event of some form for the Strait region, if not, then give them as many opportunities as my future potential partner and cabinet members can.

Metro Co-Premier

Lydia Ramsay –

Metro WHAT?? My name is Lydia Ramsay and I’m running to be your metro co-premier! I’m going into grade 12 at Lockview High and am going to be co-prez in the fall! I attended my first NSSSA conference in grade 9, “BLOSSOM 2018”. It’s easy to say I’ve worn bucket hats and fanny packs religiously ever since! Upon receiving my first fuzzy at BLOSSOM, I knew I wanted to be part of NSSSA. The past two years I’ve been on Provincial Cabinet as Treasurer. While I LOVED being on PC, it’s time to go back to my metro roots and help plan a conference that can inspire students just like it did for me!

  • With my background in NSSSA finance, I know how to budget to give the metro region the ideal profit margin
  • I have attended PC meetings since 2019, and from hearing the past co-pre’s experiences, I am familiar with many common challenges regarding past conferences and how to overcome them.
  • I plan to help bring metro an amazing conference with a mind blowing EPIC, and activities to remind everyone the excitement of an in person conference.
  • From being Lockview’s co-prez for next year, I have experience from selecting members of student council that would benefit me in selecting the metro cabinet.
  • As treasurer I’ve overseen purchases for the last 2 years, so I know what conference expenses that will provide the best conference possible for delegates, such as excellent keynotes and awesome prizes.
Coral Van Vessem –

Hey NSSSA! My name is Coral van Vessem and I’m running for Metro Co-Premier!:) I’m currently in Grade 11 at Sir John A. My first conference was Recharge in 2019, and I’ve also attended Vision, Prevail & Refresh! I’m currently Secretary on the Conference Committee and 3-tion on Metro. Being involved in this organization has let me build so much confidence and has greatly improved my leadership skills which has steered me towards many of my goals. I’d love the opportunity to share my skills and ideas to inspire others to strive to improve their leadership skills.

  • I’d like to really put a focus on promoting NSSSA through all of the high schools this year. I’ve heard of many people in the past at my school and others around the Metro Region who have never heard of NSSSA before, so I want to try and change that by sending out more resources and information to all of Metro’s High Schools, as well as improving our social media presence.
  • I’d also like to really focus on reaching out to our Junior High schools, and maybe even having a Junior High event in the future. I’ve heard in the past year some of the Junior High students in our region have had quite a bit of interest, and I want to make sure they are included as well. This would better prepare them for high school, introduce them to others in our region and introduce them to our organization.
  • I’d like to focus a lot on the sustainability of our organization, and continue with the sustainable decisions we’ve made in the past. I think it would be important in the next year to also educate the delegates at our conferences about eco-friendly decisions they can make in our community and how to educate their peers.
  • I’ve gained a lot of confidence through this organization, and I want to continue to help others in my community to gain more confidence in themselves and in their leadership skills. I hope that I can bring lots of ideas to this organization this year to be as inclusive and welcoming as we can, and inspire others around me to do the same.
Julia Bowes –

Heyyyy N-trip! How do you feel? My name’s Julia Bowes and I’m running to be one of the Metro Co- Premiers. I’m a grade 11 student at MHS with a burning passion for choccy milk, late nighters and Abe’s bunny song. I went to my first conference in 2018 where I fell in love with the NSSSA’s friendly and positive atmosphere. Since then, I’ve gotten as involved as I could, going to five conferences as well as being a Welcoming Co-Chair and a 3-tion. I’d be incredibly grateful to use my experience and organize an amazing conference!

  • Prioritize having an in-person conference as opposed to virtual, if rules allow
  • Place an emphasis on advertisement to boost participation
  • Explore ways to involve junior high students, including a possible small event or information session
  • Bring back the NSSSA spirit in full force, to build back stronger than ever after COVID-19

Chignecto Premier

Grace Henshaw

Hey N-Trip! My name is Grace Henshaw, i’m in grade 11, and I am running for Co-Premier! I joined the Cabinet last year as a WENDY and instantly fell in love with not just my position, but my cabinet members. Since I joined during the Pandemic i’ve only been to 1 conference, over zoom. I know I have a bit less experience, but I am a fast learner! I love the support and the positivity this organization provides, and I want to share it with so many people. My confidence has boosted, i’ve made friends, and I am excited for what this year holds! Stay Safe!

  • have lots of friend/skill-building sessions.
  • have events that revolve around peoples talents and what makes people unique.
  • make NSSSA known, create ways to promote our conferences in fun ways virtually.
  • have themes for our calls (ex: pj day, costume day, beach day, etc.)
  • try my best to have in person cabinet events if possible (beach day, picnic, bowling, etc) overall make sure my cabinet is having fun!

Sou’West Premier

Clara Jurgenliemk – 

Hey N-trippers! My name is Clara Jurgenliemk and I’m running for Sou’West Co-Premier for the 2021-2022 school year! I’m a grade 11 student at Shelburne Regional High School and I want to see love for NSSSA grow in my school and surrounding communities! From my time going to NSSSA conferences and being a Sou’West student-rep on the provincial cabinet, I’ve had so much fun and have learned so much. I want to spread the word that NSSSA is ready to offer amazing experiences to students in my region and give as many people as possible the opportunity to make friends and have a ton of fun at N-trip!

  • Create a successful cabinet of motivated students in the Sou’West region
  • Reach out to each school in the region to establish strong relationships with principals, advisors, and guidance counselors
  • Actively promote NSSSA in each school to inform staff and students about our purpose and events
  • Make sure students in Sou’West have the information and accessibility necessary to attend NSSSA conferences

Below are the links to the voting forms

*Reminder to only vote once for President and VP, and once for the co-pre of the region you reside in.

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